AboutSas & SasWorx


You're looking for a distinctive design, so that you or your company stands out. I can provide a tailored solution for every goal and every target audience. My clientbase consists mosly of self-employed / freelancers and small to medium-sized companies from different industries. Let me help you to sell your products or services with my knowledge and creativity.

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You want clear communication and not to be sent from the pilar to the post? Here at SasWorx communication is always on a one-to-one bases, because I'm always your point of contact. If you need additional services, like a print-shop, for your print work, I can also arrange this for you. In such case I will remain your sole contact person, simple and easy.

Do you want to know more about me and my background? Then read my introduction below.


To keep design work affordable, I work mainly with fixed prices and packages. That should simplify making a choice, but also give you an insight into the costs/ expenses and what you can expect from SasWorx.

Additional costs only arise - on request - when work not included in the package is necessary/required. Examples are stock photos, extra extensions on your website, rush orders and hours worked outside the regular opening hours.

About me

Hi, my name is Sas, short for Saskia and the embodyment of SasWorx.
I have been creating graphic design since 2002, mostly on request. Hey Sas, can you design a business card, logo or poster for me? People just know where to find you, when they know you're good at something or have certain skills. Requests to create something arrive now and then.

After completing my education (Economics, Communication and Marketing Management), I initially focused on consumer approach and the implementation of franchise formulas in the healthcare business. In several commercial jobs I have gained extensive experience in communication, marketing and business consultancy. I kept doing graphic design on the side to express my personal creativity. After living abroad for some time, I returned to The Netherlands in 2016 and founded SasWorx.

I think personal attention en service are very important when doing business. That's what I try to accomplish at SasWorx. By combining my knowledge on commercial and business thinking, creativity and enthousiasm, I hope to deliver more than just a design.